Our Story

Our company provides specialized luxury travel services. Founded in 2011 by a group of entrepreneurs with valuable presence in the Mexican tourist sector, Beyond Experience begins with a new concept.

Focusing on Tours, Transfers and Lodging within the country, we managed to position ourselves to reach an international model, including Travel and Lifestyle Concierge, cruises, agreements with new suppliers, member exclusive deals, and a team of developers maintaining the platform updated with the latest technological innovations.

Mission Statement

To create memorable travel experiences for our members, providing true added value to their Vacation Club memberships with a personalized and exclusive service.


Vision Statement

Expanding our presence in the vacation industry becoming the number one travel service platform in the market.

Our Values


Commitment to our clients and contributors to be an upstanding value-oriented company.


It’s an honor to have the trust of our clients in our services.


The proper use of all resources to adequately meet our objectives.


The service provided to our customers must generate effective results.


The information of each member is safeguarded under the highest standards of personal data protection.


We adapt to the evolution of the market, industry and society. We take advantage of these changes, providing mutual benefits.